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  Magna Carta established for the first time the principle that everybody, including the king, was subject to the law.

Dear Sandwich Resident
You will know me if you as the man with a common sense problem that wants to silence chimes at night, I tend to think it more as giving the chimes a rest during the night.
To me its common sense to give understanding to our neighbors and visitors who are lighter sleepers, of course we would expect to receive understanding ourselves given the same situation,whatever the issue, the alternative common sense is that tradition comes before humanity, who hears the chimes at 3 am in the morning,only light sleepers .Councilors and the majority of chimes campaigners say they don?t hear them at all , not surprising as most do not live in the center and as far away as Canterbury,.


I have for a long time felt concern having seen several accidents at the particular junction, in short street wanting to go up St Peters Street. People who live in our street would know the problem, we face oncoming traffic from the one way system. Saturday King Street is closed, and the narrow difficult 3 kings yard is our only alternative, To add to the problem I have seen cars collide from king street and st peters street .

In at least 45 years nobody has complained,its become a tradition maybe. It amuses me .When is a tradition a tradition I know we are making up new traditions The, history society had organized marching our mayor and dignitaries from the Guildhall up to St Bartholomew s to celebrate The Battle of Sandwich I think yearly. Not a good turn out, we are not all historians

. Are traditions set in stone? Would it not still be a tradition if the 1887 clock chimed for 18 hours not 24? Who determines traditions ? Is it the history society ?. Do I complain about the arrow ? Ask for better signs ? Would I be told to put up or move? Nobody else has complained , would I be singled out as the only complainant ? Do I need to organize a mob and fly post the town to attract attention ?will outsiders control the decision ? And many other issues I assure you.

I have no political allegiance, so nobody pulls my strings , but would it not be better if our conservative MP Craig MacKinlay deputy leader of UKIP 1997 with strong Brexit views, was more active in parliament with all this Brexit going on instead of meddling in local affairs .that have systems already in place after all that?s what we pay the professionals for, and I certainly don?t want the popular vote to dictate my wellbeing..

I would be pleased to receive constructive views 

 Simply put narrow-mindedness is a tradition—a bad tradition

Fly-posting carries a maximum fine of £2,500 and a fixed penalty charge of £80 may be imposed for each poster illegally displayed.

The survey reveals 49 propertys and over 5 complainants would prefer the chimes muted at night only , i represent them. 

here are two kinds of lie that corrupt public discourse. The lie that is intended to deceive is easy to understand, but the lie that is intended to be recognised as a lie is much more dangerous, because it carries an unambiguous message about power.


Thank you for the letter regarding your ongoing battle regarding the chimes of St Peters. I really admire the way that you made a stand on this issue. The way that you have been vilified by the local council and residents has been appalling. The meetings held in the Guildhall were akin to a lynch mob - disgraceful!

The reporting on this issue by the press has been complete biased and misrepresentative.

I love the sound of the chimes during the day, but agree that the quarter hourly chimes through the night cause a disturbance to sleep, particularly in the warmer weather when the windows are open at night. Fifteen minutes does not give everyone a chance to get to sleep before the next set of chimes ring.

The proposal to suspend the chimes at night is a pragmatic solution and I fully endorse this.

As for the tradition argument, there used to be a Goosebell that rang at 5am every morning, but that tradition was stopped as people didn't want to get up that early any more. The tradition argument is also flawed as Sandwich is a very different town to when the bells were installed in the late 19th century.

The signatories on the petition came from all over the world, I even saw one from someone in Australia. The bells don't disturb them - what a surprise!

In my opinion, there are far more urgent matters for Sandwich Town Council to address, such as the abuse of parking on double yellow lines in the Guildhall area. This is a much more important issue as it blocks the road, and is dangerous.

We completely agree with you - this fuss about muffling or turning off the chimes at night has been completely absurd. We all live so hugger mugger in central Sandwich - we have to be neighbourly and take care not to disturb our neighbours unnecessarily. If some of them are disturbed by the chimes at night it is entirely reasonable to ask that the chimes be turned off from 11pm to 7am. It is, as you point out, one of Sandwich's 'traditions' that we look after each other. Moreover, the level of noise of the chimes breaches the World Health Organisation guidelines on Night Noise, to which this country is signed up. And if Manston were to reopen as an airport, the good people of Sandwich would be the first to complain about noisy night flights - but given all this fuss about the chimes, they wouldn't have a leg to stand on if they wanted to stop the flights!

I know lots of our neighbours agree with us but on the whole we feel we have been silenced (I wrote to the paper but they didn't print it, although one of my neighbours did manage to get her letter in). This issue has divided the town unfortunately- and it seems to be the case, as you point out, that a lot of the Save the Chimes troublemakers don't actually live within hearing distance of the chimes.

Magna Carta established for the first time the principle that everybody, including the king, was subject to the law.

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